Thursday, June 22, 2006

Early is on time...

Since judges seem to have unfettered discretion and unlimited powers, I'd like to be a judge. I'd be naked under my robe, snore during boring testimony, and keep hard liquor in a hollow gavel.

Oh, and, then I can use the word "punk" to describe the actions of a prosecutor to draw attention away from the fact that I am, in fact, an idiot.

Oh wait, a judge already did that (the last one... though I have my suspicions about the gavel).

Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case After Attorney Late For Court
'Don't Treat Me Like A Punk,' Judge Says
POSTED: 11:29 am EDT June 20, 2006

File this one under "Truth is Stranger III" -- this may have to become a semi-regular blog feature because there are lots of both morons and geniuses in my chosen profession.


  1. Talk about being naked under the robe...check out what this judge did while on trial.

    And we want to be part of the legal community -- why?

  2. Wow, Calculating. Wow.

    'Here comes the judge' has a whole new meaning.