Friday, June 30, 2006

So where have you been?

So, where have you been all week, Butterflyfish? Well...

I went to see my Mom who had to undergo surgery on Wednesday. All went well, it was outpatient but they kept her over night because she didn't fell well from the anesthesia. To hear her tell it, they removed a major organ. More like some benign breat lumps. But still stressful and painful. I spent a few days there, but I had to come back home yesterday afternoon because I had an appointment at Clownfish's daycare.

Driving back I developed the worst headache I've had in years. Seriously, had to pull off the highway twice to puke... and I hadn't even had any alcohol the night before! I think it was a migraine. I don't know how I drove over 100 miles like that. Awful awful awful. All I wanted was a dark quiet room with an air conditoner so I could space out for a while. Instead, my afternoon plans were to go to a daycare center. And Clownfish wasn't going to let me nap anyway.

Good news is, Clownfish really loved the center. It was supposed to be a 20 minute visit that turned into a two-hour playfest. He wouldn't leave until I promised him icecream. This bodes well for Monday, his first day going part time.

I'm so torn about doing this daycare thing -- he loves the stimulation and playing with other kids, and he'll have opportunities to do activiites that I won't do in the house (like paint)... but Clownfish and I are really close. I don't know which will break my heart more... leaving and watching him happily join the group, without a backwards glance at me, or prying a screaming kid off my leg who refuses to enter the classroom, thereby traumatizing both of us.

I'll let you know Monday how it goes.

The good news is, while he's at daycare, I can finally do some of the things I want to get done before law school starts. Like prep, which I haven't touched in what seems like weeks.

I also want a manicure, pedicure, and haircut. I'm getting an oil change and tune-up on my car. That'll kill Wednesday.

Anyone else have suggestions?


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  2. Manicure, pedicure, and haircut? While you're there, throw in a massage. I can't decide if I'm saving my money for a spa day before law school or after I start. . .

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  4. I managed to delay the day care transition for another year thanks to my wonderful husband who agreed to let us keep the nanny for ONE MORE YEAR (until my baby is 3)despite my lack of income starting in August. But now I have one more year of obsessively researching preschools (for instance, AMI vs AMS Montessori? Monstessori or Lab School? Near school or near home?). Try finding a really good preschool with full day and summer care.... I think I found two that will work, but I know I won't be ready even if my little lawtoddler is.

    Today for the very first time when I left home for work my little one smiled, said "bye bye mommy" and blew me a kiss. Usually my departure is either totally ignored, or protested loudly. I think It's going to be a good week.