Monday, June 12, 2006

Toddler stuff

So, my Clownfish is changing every day. He is in that wonderful language explosion that happens around 2ish (for him at 21 months). He definitely knows his colors now, including pink, boo, geen, yewow, red, black, white... and uses them to describe crayons and cars. He wants all colors confirmed -- he holds up a crayon or leggo pice and says "pink?" and gets very angry if I don't reply in the arrirmative (or corrective, no that's orange sweetie) immediately. If he has two leggos of the same color, "two boo?" He is counting -- sometimes 1-5 pretty well, sometimes 1-2-4-8. He says 8 with the cutest brogue he picked up from Grandma. He loves counting on stairs, going up and down; I swear sometimes he climbs just so he can count. He occasionally even remembers short sequences like 8-9-10 or 13-14, but not usually the numbers to get there.

The (approximately) three-word sentences are the ones that get me. He makes these statements that are really questions; he wants confirmation that this is indeed a big yellow truck and he may in fact climb on my lap for story time. Mama sit lap? Mama go slide? (That works to get us to go to the park as well as to get me on the slide at the park). No nigh nigh, go play? Big car? Big yewow bus? Birdie go bye-bye? Birdie up in tree?

My favorite, though is "I good boy." Because he says that with emphasis -- its not a question, its a statement of fact to him. He climbs the stairs to the slide, "I good boy." He manages to share his toy with another child or eat green beans without throwing them, "I good boy." But its also a request for affirmation, because if I don't respond with "yes, you are a good boy," he yells it louder. And louder.

We visited Grandma this weekend and he picked up her laugh and was mimicking it -- unfortunately, it has now descended into an "ah ah ah" that sounds very much like what I imagine a dolphin on crack would sound like. Let's hope this stops soon.

He's really curious about other kids on the playground and will often just go stand near older kids just to hear them talk or watch what they do. Today he was watching some boys catch a baseball. I could tell he wanted to go out there and try, but he was a little intimidated. After a few minutes, he came and asked "Mama ball?" Unfortunately, I didn't have a ball in the car, so we played trucks instead.

Next time... a discussion on how trucks can be slightly mortifying to a toddler's mommy.

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