Monday, June 19, 2006

Truth is stranger... again

Anyone remember Screech from Saved By the Bell? No one who is my age escaped pre-adolescence without watching at least one episode of Zack and company try to scam the principal in some way. And if you deny it, you're lying. Liar.

Anyway, Screech is about to lose his house. He's fundrasing on the internet. He's selling t-shirts. But because his character's name is copyrighted by NBC, he has to print "Save SCREEECH's House!"

Click here: Laugh at the notion that Screech is homeless.

Ten things I would do with $15 before I considered donating to Screech:

  1. Buy two glasses of wine in New York City.
  2. Buy 150 pieces of gum at my local candy store.
  3. Buy about 8 bottles of water
  4. Buy less than five gallons of gas
  5. Buy four more things to do with $15
  6. Buy 14 items from the dollar menu at Wendy's
  7. Buy Jesus a star on the Hollywood walk of fame
  8. Sponsor an endangered titmouse for a month
  9. Use it for toilet paper.
  10. Eat it.


  1. I think I'd pee myself if I actually saw someone wearing one of those shirts. Is he kidding?

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. I love the idea of eating $15 before you donated it to Screech's Home Fund.


  3. LOL. I hate when celeberties try to cash in well after their fame has passed. And I will definetly admit to watching saved by the bell... though I hated the New class.


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