Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blog Category Guide

All of the posts on this blog are organized by category and you can browse just the topics that interest you by looking at the LABELS list in the left side column.  Some of the blog post categories are self explanatory. Some of them are less intuitive, hence the handy guide.

The Weekly MILS (Moms In Law School) Roundup is now the Weekly MILP (Moms in the Legal Profession) Roundup because we discovered that these women eventually graduate and become lawyers. Who knew? We considered MILF (moms in the legal field) but figured the p0rn Google hits weren't worth the pun.

It is hosted on a rotating basis bewteen PT-LawMom, Atty Work Product Atty at Large, and Butterflyfish (that's here) and is posted each Sunday.  Personally, I like to work a theme, which means sometimes a great post from the week I do the Roundup doesn't make the Roundup. Which is why you should just read everyone in my blogroll. They've all been vetted (by me) for awesomeness.

Roundup: (Updated 8/11)
The Weekly Law School Round-Up is used to be published weekly at Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground and Divine Angst, Nobody ... elsewhere. These are posts that either met that week's theme or otherwise caught the attention of the Roundup. If you're looking for a quick overview of posts to get a feel for the blog, click the Roundup category -- you'll see a little bit of everything. Which could add up to a whole lot of nothing. 

Life after law school:  Working Girl (updated 7/2010)
The posts that apply to my first job out of law school are under the working girl-1st year tag.  My second job out of law school was a dream job that I had applied for once before and didn't get, but then I applied again, and I did.  Those posts, including the chronicle as to how they earned this moniker, can be found under the working girl-Lucy chronicles tag. 

I'm no Bryan Garner but....
I very occasionally blog about legal writing.  But I am no expert.

Law school-revenge!

I very occasionally get the urge to write about law school or something of interest to law students, but as I am now a graduate, it doesn't otherwise fit into another law school category.

Neutral Buoyancy
The blog category formerly known as 'just me.' Neutral buoyancy is a diving term... it refers to the status you attain when, under water, you are no longer floating upwards due to too much air in you 'vest'(BCU), nor are you sinking due to too much weight. When you achieve this state, you float -- suspended, perfectly balanced, at peace. You can then focus on the beauty around you.

I always had difficulty achieving this state underwater.  I also have difficulty achieving this state in life.  That's what this category is about.

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