Monday, October 23, 2006

law school recap

In the few days of law school... I was threatened with a constructive absence for not having my case book in class, even though I had done the reading and had appropriate notes... still doing personal jurisdiction in civil procedure so it would be good if I actually started trying to learn the requisite rules of civil procedure instead of just keeping my head above water by skimming the cases... I have not been late for contracts in four consecutive classes... spent a few hours both Saturday AND Sunday in the library working on my legal skills research assignment (thanks Grandma for coming up, boo legal skills in general) ... my torts prof made me laugh out loud by quoting rap lyrics (I may have to do a whole post on that one) ... my goal to NOT get called on all week was shot by 9:12 a.m. in contracts... I understand its a small section, but I wasn't even making eye-contact! ... damn, then I volunteered a short answer in torts.... I may have to sit on my hands... I have a practice exam in torts on Wed. so I really gotta work on that outline... I think torts is open-notes (woot!) ... a few of my cohorts have the flu and I hope I don't catch it... I read the 2LiveCrew decision for legal skills... good times.

EDIT: a constructive absence is what certain profs give you if you are unprepared for class -- in my case, lacking a casebook even though I was otherwise prepared (and I don't book brief!) One guy got one because he couldn't define 'inter alia.'


  1. "constructive absence"

    what is that?

  2. Ouch, your school's/prof's policies are harsh.

    First time I've heard of this concept.