Saturday, March 15, 2008

MILS 37: In Her Own Words II: Electric Bugaloo

Welcome to the Weekly MILS (Moms In Law School) Roundup. It is hosted on a rotating basis between PT-LawMom and A Little Fish in Law School blogs. We aim for Sunday posts, though I am posting a bit early this week. Next week, it'll be back at PT-LawMom's place.

The theme this week: In Her Own Words II: Electric Bugaloo*

2L Wannabe I think this is how law school kills the soul, this lack of positive feedback.
One New Duck Is it just me or does she look like a very angry banana?
Dakota also got our new addition to the family -- a furry family member!
Law School Mom I choose my own path, which also means I do law school my way. Not the way "they" say I ought to.
Lag Liv Each quarter I sink to a new level of finals unpreparedness.
Law Student Hot Mama There's never enough room for houseguests. Even if I live at the Biltmore.
Magic Cookie My measure of a really close friend is when you can invite yourself over and then poke through their fridge without asking.
Merits of the Case I was nervous, however, about trying to explain why I didn’t have any legal employment last summer and I was nervous about disclosing my blog and my Google presence.
Googiebaba Really, I should have accomplished a lot, but I haven’t.
Peanut Butter Burrito I wonder who I'll be seeing on the news first, and I hope it's something good.
Pt-Lawmom. Addressing the issue of attending law school part-time with young children.
Cee, Starting to Melt. I decided that I could not afford to let people like her become bruises in my life.

* Wherein I pull quotes from MILS blogs, hopefully out of context in a way that makes you want to click, and call that a theme. Yep, shamefully lazy. Told you this theme would repeat.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!
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