Saturday, January 10, 2009


Made some layout changes. I finally got a 3-column layout to work. Downside, discovered too late -- to change fonts, colors of fonts and links, etc. I have to dig through the html. Can't use the blogger shortcuts.
I am still looking for a nicer background.
Added a Twitter feed.
Feedback appreciated.


  1. I like it! Very clean and light. I desperately want to change my layout but I'm not technically savvy and truly don't have the time- and probably won't for the next decade or so. Until then I'll be envious of yours.

  2. You have awesome lawyer hair? I've been thinking about cutting the locks and going for a more professional look. So what did you come up with?

  3. Photo coming on Monday -- it's on Hubby's camera and he's away.

  4. I like it! I took one web design class my freshman year in high school and it appears that the only lasting skill is fidgeting with my blog layout. I used to move my furniture around when I was bored, now I mess with my blog! :)

    I'm excited to see what lawyer hair looks like. I should probably get some :)

  5. The new layout's good. I think the background color is soothing.

    As for QC, I am absolutely hooked. Just like you, I spent a long time reading them all from the beginning and haven't missed a new one yet.

    So awesome!