Thursday, February 26, 2009

Belated WTF Wednesday

Friend who gives private piano lessons: You should check out [local religious-affiated school I had not heard of]. It is amazing -- every kid I've ever taught from there has just been well-behaved, focused, and nice. Even the ones who weren't particularly gifted with the piano enjoyed putting in the time to play a few things quite well.

Professor: You should check out [local religious-affiated school I had only just heard of the day before]. My kids love it. The kindergarten teacher is out of this world. [Lots and lots of specific praise for the teachers and what they do]. Positive environment, great community.

So, I check.

Annual tuiton?


I understand that private school is going to cost money.

But WTF?!?!?!

This post brought to you courtesy of WTF Wednesday.


  1. Yeah, sounds about right. My FH works with rich kids in LA and all of their parents are spending $15-25K on private schools... PER CHILD. Ridiculous. After working in public schools, I absolutely want to send my kids to private ones... but I don't know how we'd ever manage it.

  2. That's cheap for around here... We went to look at Cambridge Montessori, which costs $27K (with extended day) and that DOESN'T include anything over the summer AND the school is constantly having these long vacations, so it's closed about 2-3 weeks out of every 8. Now THERE's a WTF for you.

  3. HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!! OMG? Are you serious? Who the heck can afford that for 12 years and then pay for college? WTF is right! Poor Jacob, he will be doomed to a life of public schools.

  4. Its actually cheap for around here too -- there are a number of Montessoris and "Day Schools" (when it says day school it means $$$$$) that cost more.

    It just didn't occur to me that this school would be one of them I guess.

  5. I'd wager that since you used to be a teacher (and are about to be a lawyer) your kids will end up with plenty of smarts and know-how.

    Man. Jesus. My COLLEGE tuition didn't cost THAT much per year.

    Also, hi. Long time stalker, first time writer.

  6. That's a total wtf.

    I'm a firm believer in "kids will turn out well if they're bright, successful kids regardless of where they go to school." I
    refuse to cough up that kind of cash. Especially for kids who are under like 15.

    Thanks for participating in the WTFery. Hawt.

  7. Holy hell. I know that isn't even THAT bad but it's still completely ridiculous. I went to a church preschool that probably cost $100 a week (if that, actually) and I think I learned everything a 3-5 year old should learn. I think if you have smart, engaged parents you can forgo the billion dollar preschools. Although that's coming from someone who pays $13,000 a year in Texas for someone to watch her kid spin around in circles and attempt to dance on tables, so who am I to speak of fiscally responsible childcare?