Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brain Quest

It was a rainy day, so Clownfish and I headed to the local museum to check out the dinosaurs and planets. We (of course) stopped by the muesum gift shop and I (of course) bought him something educational. His classmate's mom had been raving about the Brain Quest cards and how the pre-school four year old set was waaaay too easy for her kiddo. Her kiddo was currently blasting his way through the five-to-six year old deck.

So, given the choice, did I buy the pre-school deck or the five-year-old deck?

Yep, the five year old deck. Good choice too -- Clownfish is blowing through it. So far, other than questions about coins and money, he's nailed every one. Yes, I know its because we read to him and talk to him and take him to museums etc. But it is also because he goes to a great pre-school that focuses on playing and exploring and thematic learning. His pre-school is really awesome, and I am sad that he'll be leaving it once I've taken the barzam.

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  1. I loved those Brain Quest cards as a kid. They made me feel so dang smart.