Friday, February 20, 2009

Did I ever mention that I love musical theater?

Maybe not. You wouldn't know it from this post.

Friend's status message: I just got bible spam.

Upon inquiry, she explained that she received a handwritten letter in her U.S. mail telling her how reading the bible would save her.

Me: niiice. Godspam.
Her: Is that like a low-rent version of Godspell?
Me: Yeah, and there are cow catapaults, killer bunnies, and knights who say Ni.
Me: Oh, wait, that's Godspamalot.
Me: "Jesus Christ -- shrubbery"*
Me: "I'm not dead yet" works as it is.
Me: (a few more painful puns I can't recall now)
Her: You are going to hell, you know that.

* Yes I know I mixed my musicals. Jesus Christ Superstar is not the same as Godspell. Still, wouldn't you go to this musical? I totally would.

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