Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Farging somanumbatch

Lent resolution: I am giving up swearing. I don't think I swear excessively, but I do swear.

I will fine myself for swears that slip and give proceeds to local charity. Or maybe that's not a good idea -- I may still swear, but then feel ok about it because it is benefitting someone else. Maybe I should prepare to give it to a charity with whom I am in complete disagreement? Hmm.

Anyway, WTF & suck still permissible online, and suck is permissible in real life. The alternatives to suck are all worse.

Feel free to call me out.

Lousy cork-soakers!


  1. I don't see how swearing is bad. It gets a bad wrap, I think. I mean, swear words are just words, right? Is swearing bad because negative emotions are bad? Because being frustrated or angry is bad? I've never understood this.

    Also, you're Catholic? Or are you not Catholic and other religions do that whole Lent thing, too?

  2. A quasi-practicing Catholic.

    And I don't find swearing offensive. I am just uncomfortable with my own propensities and am looking to change.

    Frustration and anger is fine -- I want to find a more creative way to express it. Its a challenge.

  3. Swearing is GREAT. I love it. It's so cathartic. I have to admit, since i don't swear a lot around my kid, it just seems so joyful to do it around other adults.

    I'm a sick, sick woman.