Thursday, February 05, 2009

You know what DOESN'T suck about law school?

Finding out you AmJur'd* two classes last semester. *High fives the blawgosphere*

Ahh, the highs and laws of law school... which don't matter a lick the moment I graduate. And really don't matter to anyone but me right now.

* AmJur, for the unitiated, is getting the high grade in the class. Which at my school doesn't necessarily always equate to an A, so I wasn't exactly on notice that this was a possibility. It was a good semester, though I am still ticked about the rank.


  1. I had never heard the expression "AmJured," which I believe would be spelled the way I've spelled it. Did you just make it up?

    If you did just make it up, did I just correct your punctuation of a phrase you invented? Interesting . . . .

    In any event, congratulations! That's friggin' awesome. At our school, they give you a certificate when you do that and it has a name and you can put it on your resume and be all "Oh, that award is for the highest grade in the class." Not that I know from first-hand experience. So, assuming something like that goes on at your school, I'm sure it makes up for your class-rank issue.

  2. Oh well, there you go. This sort of answers my question I just added on your previous post. I think. Well...wait a minute. Butterflyfish says it doesn't matter once she graduates, but IsmaelTapiall says to put it on your resume, which DOES matter after you graduate. The harder I try, the less I know. ppphht.

    Anyway, thank you Butterflyfish for the nod to the uninitiated...much appreciated. And most importantly:

    W O O T !!!

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

    That's AWESOME! I once got a thank-you note from the prof for a paper I wrote, and I remember how that felt, and that's nothing compared to this! Good job! Make sure your kiddos know how much their mom rocks. They should make you cupcake or something. You deserve it!

  3. You can Amjur a class and not get an A? WTF? I have *never* heard of that.

    Also, a lot of schools call it Jurisprudence Award because "American Jurisprudence" is trademarked.

  4. congratulations, that is really great :)

  5. wow, i've neveer heard that term. we call it CALI at our school. But congrats- that's awesome! who cares about rank- poo.

  6. Wow, that's fantastic! For us it was a award given at graduation, usually named either after the class or some old dude.

  7. Our school doesn't call it AmJur either, but it used to, so its the term people use.

    Also, I once got the high grade (whatever you want to call it) with a B+

    Law school is weird.