Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures in mommyhood

Clownfish wanted very much to tell me a secret today, but he didn't want to break his promise to not tell anyone his secret. But he wanted to tell me. So, he gave me hints until I could guess because then he's not breaking his promise if I guess. The logic of five year olds.

Long story short, 'nice, understanding, patient mommy' went into overdrive and eventually the whole story came out:

Clownfish has a girlfriend. Her name is Georgia, which is a place AND a name! And he hugs her on the playground when no one is looking even though the school has a strict 'no touching' policy. Because he only follows the rules that he wants to and he doesn't want to follow that rule. And he told her he loves her. And -- the big secret revealed -- he wants to marry her. He can't get married til he's big like 20 but he already asked her and she said yes.

At bed time, he told me he wants to dream about Georgia and to pretend that they're married but still only 5. And they can go do something together that will make her happy.

Edited to add: He calls her "Baby."

Oh, have I mentioned that I am NOT ready for this.


  1. I had my first boyfriend when I was 5. We would sit in the backseat of the bus and "peck". I still have the "love letters" from back then--they are priceless!

  2. Wait, what? The school has a strict no-touching policy? Is it just me, or does that seem completely ridiculous? No?

  3. Ismael -- completely ridiculous, especially when enforced against five year olds. Apparently they can high five and no one gets upset, but hugging is out.

  4. That's so cute, but I'm guessing as a parent maybe a little bit scary!

  5. It's easy to laugh when it's not your kid- but this is just WAY TOO CUTE!!! He is soooo sweet! We need to teach our boys young how to be romantic- somehow, they tend to lose that when they are adults. :) I think I'll start training Jacob now...

  6. That is unbelievably cute! I demand a photosession with Clownfish and his bride-to-be. :)