Saturday, January 09, 2010

Big Green Tractors and Bad Romance

I should never be allowed to write about music. Like most people, I just listen to what I like and don't give much thought to it. I don't read music blogs or magazines. I can't play any instruments. Well, I can play Heart and Soul on a piano, but that hardly counts.

Bullshark loves country music, so I hear a lot of that around the house. I can stand maybe 1/3 of the songs. For every Lady Antebellum (Need You Now) there are three songs amounting to thinly veiled sexual innuendos filled with red neck stereotypes that make me want to burn down Nashville (think Big Green Tractor, Eight Second Ride, and about half of Toby Keith's reportoir).*

Alas, because my son spends more time with Bullshark's music than he does mine, he sings along with country songs. He knows way too many of them, in fact. You haven't lived as a parent til you've heard your five year old son belting out Taylor Swift. I digress.

For my whole life, I have happily consumed whatever manufactured all the same, all the time music that top 40 radio spewed out. But I don't spend a lot of time in my car anymore, and when I am, I often listen to the news.

So, now that I have established that I have zero music credentials, I will proceed to note that I was scanning through radio stations last night when I heard a song today that stopped me cold.

That's right, folks. I am possibly the last person in America to have heard the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Youtube video is here -- until just now, I had no idea what Lady Gaga looked like.

In the refrain (the "I want your love, I want your revenge, You and me could write bad romance..." part), she reminds me of Madonna at her best . . . eminently 'pop diva' singing the kind of tune that makes you want to get up and dance, one that that can get stuck in your head for days. But in the verses and the rest, she sounds like what I imagine Angelina Jolie would sound like if she sang. There is something a little . . . dirtier . . . about her voice. I dig it.

Bullshark is away this weekend. I am pretty sure that by the time he gets home, Clownfish will have the refrain down cold.

Edited to add: Maybe not. Clownfish just asked to listen to this instead.

* It's not like I hate songs about the south itself. Compare Tim McGraw's "Southern Voice" to those monstrocities. Night and day.


  1. Everybody loves Gaga! Most of the song doesn't make sense, but it's still so good!

  2. I think Lady Gaga is creepy. But I'm a country music junkie! I love Big Green Tractor- Best song ever!!! (And I kinda hate that "I Need You Now" song... my friend's five year old daughter started singing in the car "It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now"- ha ha ha, so funny!). At least you put up with the music, my husband won't even do that!

  3. Should get your friend's daughter and my son to do the duet to Need You Now. He knows all the words. All we need are a couple of digital video cameras and some editing software... we'd have a viral youtube hit.

  4. I saw an interview with her a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see that she seemed to be smart and funny and incredibly humane. She spoke alot about her parents, her father's recent heart surgery, and how she had just written a song for him. AND she wore a latex dress like no one else can.

  5. something about this video also reminds me of janet jackson back in the day .. which, of course, goes with the whole pop diva thing and shows my age. ;-p

  6. I love Lady Gaga, she's fabulous. While I listen to a lot of pop music, I've never considered pop to be "real" music, as in, it doesn't take any sort of actual musical talent to be a pop star, because it's all manufactured anyway. (i.e. Britney Spears, those Simpson girls, Katy Perry might sorta write her own songs, but she sucks live, she can't actually sing)

    However, Lady Gaga is an excellent musician. She has an incredible voice and is a very accomplished pianist. And she can write a hook like none other. You can find some old performances of hers on youtube, back when she was just an Italian girl from Brooklyn, that really shows her musical talent, that she's not just manufactured in some studio. The songs she puts out are more about the performance, and she definitely puts on a memorable performance!