Sunday, January 03, 2010

What You're Missing

An occasional feature in which I round up of some of my recent Twitter posts.

Three day weekend draws to close. I feel like I've spent far too much time in my pajamas to be considered a productive member of society.

Overslept, burned my toast, buttered it anyway, dropped it on the floor, butter side down. Today is behaving suspiciously like a Monday

Pissing match over discovery dispute. P's atty objected to medical exam of victim because 9AM appointment was "unconscionable." #lawyers #law #wtf

My son hates violence. He gets very upset at even mildly violent cartoons and shoving on playground. But he loves to watch hunting shows.

I judge my high school acquaintance for naming her child Nevaeh. It's heaven backwards. (And that's how we know I am a terrible person)

Had a nightmare in which I was experiencing auditory hallucinations -- I was hearing beeps no one else could hear. It was my alarm clock #fml

I think I can hear colors and I currently find my fingers fascinating. Damn that was a good pain pill.

Oh my god I am in so much effing pain right now I want to rip my uterus out and post it on a stake in the yard as a warning.

My brother just applied to his second graduate program (masters in teaching) b/c he couldn't get a job w/ his other MS (anthro). H
is FB status said it all. "A lot of people go to college for 7 years... yeah there called Doctors." Is anyone else twitching?

Co-worker wearing sports coat, collared shirt, tie & jeans: "It's like an outfit mullet -- business on the top, party on the bottom."

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  1. I had the exact same nightmare recently, expect it was music because my alarm is the radio. I was running around asking people, "Can you hear the music?!" and nobody could except for me!