Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MILP #231

Attorney Work Product had the Roundup.  Here next!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reacting badly

It couldn't have been planned!
Didn't your doctor tell you to wait?
How are you going to afford another baby?
I thought you were done...?
Why am I the last to know?

My mother's reaction to the news that I am pregnant.  Notice the words congratulations & happy are absent from her initial barrage.  My sister has about half of it on video.  But she didn't really get the initial facial reaction.  It can only be described as fury.  It probably confused the hell out of Clownfish, who was otherwise so proud of himself for making the big announcement.

It took a couple of days. But she seems to have accepted it now, and has learned to put on a smiley face. 
I'll take it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MILP #230

Ptlawmom had the Roundup, here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Angelfish has an aversion to socks. She pulls them off the second I put them on. When she wears tights, she pulls and yanks at every opportunity. When I pull the tights off for a diaper change, she is so excited, she puts both feet into her mouth in celebration. Makes diapering difficult, that.

Moreover, she sees it as her mission to free all babies of the world from the confines of socks. Or at least, the smaller not-yet-mobile babies in her daycare center. She'll crawl over and tug on their socks until redirected to a chew toy or something loud to bang on a table.

She's in the early stages of cruising, so I am afraid to put any shoes on her that would affect her ability to get her balance.  Currently my attitude is, meh, live and let live. Let her be barefoot baby.

But with winter coming, I'm open to suggestions!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a....


(Ok, in all honesty, I was hoping for another boy. But it was only a tiny twinge of disappointment that is quickly evaporating has evaporated with the relief that I feel since all appears to be healthy and fine.)

I plan to tell work soon -- I need to work in the main office to tell them in person.  They'll be thrilled and supportive though, so I'm not worried.  Telling Clownfish this weekend, and telling the folks on Thanksgiving.  I guess after that, I'm out.  Well, it is not official til its on Facebook... right?  Next week then.

Monday, November 14, 2011

MILP #229

Attorney At Large #occupies the Roundup.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stolen Lines

After hanging up the phone, I stood for awhile looking out my window and wondering if I should have told him no. 

My fiancee was already living in a tiny little town in south Texas.  He was stationed there with the Navy.  I had just quit my very first teaching job.  Rather, I finished out the school year, and turned down their offer to return the following fall.  It felt like quitting, and like jumping without a parachute.  I was moving halfway across the country to a town that had two stop lights and more churches than restaurants... possibly more churches than families.  I had blanketed south Texas schools with my resume, but who there was going to hire a Yankee second-year teacher with creds like mine?  No one in my own state had ever heard of my undergrad institution. Small liberal arts Catholic college on full scholarship for the win?   History major.  Education 7-12 certification. Hmmm... maybe there would be a bookstore that would hire me when I got there...

And then I got the call.  From the principal of the middle school of that very same small town.  

A few resume questions.  And then... Would you be willing to teach special education?  7th and 8th grade?
I had never taught special education.  I was completely unsure what kinds of questions to ask in response to this. Later I would learn that it would have been appropriate to ask whether the classes were self-contained, what kind of kids under the "special ed" umbrella were we talking about -- students with learning disabilities? emotional disturbance? intellectual disabilities? an autism spectrum disorder? students who really shouldn't be receiving special education services but since no one else can deal with them they found a way to classify them to get them out of the "main stream" classes?

Had I asked these questions, the answer would have been simple:  Yes.

And that was my answer... yes.  I thought:  I'm young. I'm smart. I'm willing to learn.  I can make it work.  I was excited to be employed, to have a plan, to take on this challenge. 

We talked about other things, a start date (surprisingly early!) and other details that I don't remember. I recall thinking how fast it was all happening, and how I was going to have to get a plane ticket, stat, which would be a pain and probably expensive.  (This was before the Internet was in every home, kids.)  I was also thinking, Bullshark is at sea... how the hell am I gonna get into his apartment and move in?  

And then, right as we were wrapping up the phone call, he dropped this question on me, in a tone that suggested that he knew that the answer was a foregone conclusion:

By the way, would you be willing to be the pep squad / cheerleader sponsor for the junior high girls?

After hanging up the phone, I stood for awhile looking out my window and wondering if I should have told him no.

I stole this line from page 220 of Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

DaisyJD brought back the Law With Grace classic.  This is my contribution.  My prior foray into stolen lines can be seen here.  (I always liked #6).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ten Months

Angelfish claps when she's happy.  She claps when I pick her up from her crib. She claps when she sees her brother. She claps for Cheerios. She also slams her hands down on her high chair tray ... her sign for "I'm out of Cheerios."  Cheerios are important. 

We're in the "chop food up into tiny pieces and see if she'll eat it" phase. Bananas, yes.  Apples, she shoves them up into her chipmunk cheeks and then gags.  For such a pro with Cheerios, you'd think the texture wouldn't be a problem.  Veggies? Hit or miss. They're not Cheerios, after all.  Fortunately, she'll eat anything you feed her off of a spoon, so she's getting a good variety.

She hits her head with her hand when she is tired. If you miss that sign, she'll rub her eyes.  If you bring her to her crib when you see the signs, she'll gratefully pop her thumb in her mouth, turn onto her belly and head off to sleep.  Woe to you if you miss the signs.  She sleeps ok at daycare.  But anywhere that's not a crib -- car seat, stroller -- she has more difficulty.

She loves blocks and cups -- anything she can attempt to stack, shake, carry, and most importantly, slam together.  She loves to pull herself up to stand by furniture.  Apparently standing and banging things together is sooo much cooler than doing it while sitting.  My sister loaned us a toy piano -- perfect height for standing and banging. It is possibly her favorite thing since Cheerios.

She hates having her nose wiped, which is unfortunate because she's pretty much had a runny nose since she was 4 months old. Meh. Daycare. Its one of the only things that will elicit a real, hard cry from her. 

She loves baths.  (My son hated baths at this age... it was trauma. It is so nice not to have this fight.)

She has a lot of personality, and she's starting to make her very strong opinions known about things.  I can only see this as the beginning of trouble... in the best possible way.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I haven't gone through this long of a blog drought in a while, so I figured I should post something to get started again. 

Work is ... whether product liability defendant can seek common law indemnification against a non-product liability co-defendant under a particular statutory scheme... whether the exclusion in the insurance contract means there is no duty to indemnify... whether a guy can show aggrievement from the denial of a permit when he's self represented and the the permit is in the name of his sole proprietor corporation... whether the guy who pleaded guilty to escape sex offender registration status has to register anyway... whether seasonal employee who quit because he was hired back at lower wage could collect unemployment... whether a district's voting scheme violates the Constitutional guarantees for equal protection... whether the prison employee is immune from suit of a prisoner who sued claiming the employee stole his soap....  In short, it continues to be varied and challenging and interesting.

Angelfish has three teeth on the bottom and one tooth on top, but the top tooth is off to the right. It is not one of the two front teeth.  So she has the funniest lop-sided smile -- I call it snaggletooth.  It won't be like this for long. She had a fever and stayed home with Bullshark one day this week. I was jealous of him.  She's so huggy when she's not feeling her best.

Clownfish ran a half mile race against a bunch of other kids -- about half the field was his age or older -- and he came in first place.  He's been going to Bullshark's gym.  He's been trying to climb one of those knotted ropes with some success.  He can jump onto an approximately 20 inch box. Yeah... he's not getting any raw athletic ability from my genes.  But he reads like a demon and has freckles on his nose, so I feel as if I've contributed in some way to his awesomeness.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant or so.  Nausea and strong gag reflex still going strong.  I find out the gender in two weeks.  I'm feeling girl.  I'm kind of hoping boy.  We're pretty settled on a boy name.  Really up in the air for a girl name.  All the ones I (presently) like are either taken by close family or have negative associations among close family.  I'll probably have to "come out" at work soon too.  Not nearly as anxiety-producing this time, though.

What's anxiety-producing is whether we can afford for me to take time off... and whether, with the cost of daycare already eating half of my meager salary, we can afford for me to go back to work.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

MILP #228 There is No Theme

he Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis between PT-LawMom, Butterflyfish, Attorney Work Product and Attorney at Large blogs. We originally rounded up just the moms in law school, but then discovered that those women eventually graduate. Who knew? So now all the moms in the legal field (heh) are represented. We aim for Sunday posts.

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Ok then. Sorry so late and if I missed anyone.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

MILP #227

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