Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pregnancy update

I'm seriously sad that this is my final pregnancy.  I feel like I haven't been "enjoying it" or "appreciating it" as much as I should.  Yeah, it was unexpected. And its hard to "navel gaze" about pregnancy when you've got a baby to contend with.  But I've been making an effort lately to be in the moment, in the pregnancy, while I can.

In other news, my pregnancy acne is back.  My face is all red and yucky.  It is about the only thing I don't love about pregnancy.  Yes, I know, according to WNWlitigator and others, this makes me mentally ill. :-)  Its a very individual experience, but my experiences with pregnancy -- not childbirth, not the losses, not getting pregnant, but the physical state of pregnancy itself -- have been awesome. (Except for the acne. Oh, and the persistent nausea/vomit reflex.)  

I'm finally using button extenders and my belly band -- on my size 16 pants.  Heck, I can still wear some of my 14s with the button extenders.  Victory is mine.  (Last pregnancy I was rocking the 18/20s throughout, which was still an accomplishment, because I didn't have a net gain of any weight last pregnancy -- I was just much bigger when I conceived.)  My weight has stayed pretty steady for the last 15 weeks or so, but my belly has grown. 

In other words, I'm totally hawt and rocking my "bump revealing" maternity tops. 

I'll try to get some pics of my hawtness up (maybe on FB?) this weekend... Angelfish turns 1 on Thursday.


  1. I actually loved being pregnant, too, at least once I got past the persistent nausea of the first trimester. That seemed to make me the outlier in my new moms' group, so I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  2. That is amazing that you're maintaining your progress on your weight while being pregnant! I totally dropped the ball on that during my last pregnancy -- I just felt so huge and uncomfortable all the time that I barely moved and let my eating habits slide.

    Happy birthday to Angelfish! Can't believe she's (almost) one already.

  3. I'm glad it's going so well. I wish I could have your great attitude but I'm constantly uncomfortable, in pain, unable to breath, or nauseous (even in the third trimester!).

  4. Who said it's your last pregnancy? Bullshark? Your mother?

  5. @ Sandy. BS & I love the idea of more kids... but house-wise, financial resources and otherwise, it makes no sense. Hell it makes no sense to have 3, hence the initial AAAAAAAHHHHH! Realistically, we're done, though it saddens me greatly.