Saturday, February 25, 2012

MILP # 241: Whitney

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis between several blogs.  Next week is Ptlawmom.  We aim for Sunday posts.  

All right, ladies.  I'm going for a theme.  I've done the Songs of 1990 and Madonna.  I dedicated two roundups to Glee. I have attempted Billy Joel, Britney and even Bon friggin' Jovi....  How have I never dedicated a Roundup to the songs of Whitney Houston?  I have no idea.

I didn't get So Emotional when I heard she passed away.  I didn't start downloading songs or watch the coverage of her funeral.  But my sister and I reminisced briefly about being pre-teens and putting on neighborhood backyard concerts.  Whitney was a huge part of our repertoire, and hearing certain songs brings me back to summer nights, garage lights, the smell of chlorine, the crackle of worn out cassette tapes played over a cheap radio, holding hairbrushes and dancing on our neighbor's picnic tables.

As in past attempts at music themes, I play with the titles... not so much the lyrics.  I tried to stick with the songs I had heard of before, but Wikipedia gave me some deep-into-the-discography titles that worked.  Oh and some prolific posters managed to get two links in this theme.  Woo!

And, without further delay... here it is, the Whitney Houston Song MILP Roundup.

  • All at Once.  Jenny discovers that this is how work/life comes at you.  
  • All the Man That I Need.  Dinei actually has two good looking men in her life.  
  • Didn't We Almost Have It All. Magic Cookie on professional development for MILPs. 
  • How Will I Know?  Cowgirl in the City won't know she's in the roundup cuz she's unplugged. 
  • I Didn't Know My Own Strength. Legally Certifiable's chat with her mom's shrink might have been the least Jerry Springer moment of her week, but at least she's rocking her professional life.
  • If I Told You That.  Alice in Wonderland (new to my roundup!) asks what I can't answer. 
  • I'm Every Woman.  Lag Liv's Clairebear is a honey badger and a snugglebug.
  • It's Not Right but It's Okay.  WNW Litigator learns what the plaintiff's side of summary judgment looks like. 
  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody.  Reluctant Grownup at Mardi Gras!
  • One Moment in Time.  - R - got 10 hours sleep, time away from the kids, and a sunburned husband. 
  • Run to You.  Kate (Today & Tomorrow) runs to her daughter, and is still on time for class. 
  • So Emotional.  Izzie had a helluva a trip, and had to leave lots of love behind to go home. 
  • Step by Step  Sammie B is on the move & so is Magic Cookie's little X. 
  • Why Does It Hurt So Bad.  Attorney At Large redefines headache.
  • Where do broken hearts go.  They find their way home. But then they have to re-enter reality.  But I do have a law degree.
  • You Give Good Love.  Lag Liv is leaving Austin, including a great daycare that loves her kids.

All right -- I am posting the Roundup on a Saturday evening... which is early.  But its done (!) and I have a busy day tomorrow.  If I catch posts from anyone I've missed (and if have time), I'll add additional posts below tomorrow night.  So check back! 

Edited to add:
  • ExhaleSuzieJD had her last day in BigFirm, and is heading to NewFirm.
The regular hostesses of the MILP Roundup, currently, are:  Butterflyfish, Ptlawmom, Attorney Work Product, Attorney at Large, Kate (Today & Tomorrow), Magic Cookie (CM), and Reluctant Grownup.  Check here each week and I'll direct you to the post. Pinky promise!!


  1. I absolutely love your theme roundups!

    1. Thank you so much for once again including me in your MILP Roundups! And I'm just unplugged from Facebook, not my blog reader! :) Thank you again!