Friday, March 02, 2012

Tell me about yourself

One of my blog heroines, Magic Cookie, bestowed upon me this prestigious award.  She is a classy lady with a bit of a twisted sense of humor, which I totally dig.  She inspires me  -- she's a mom who makes PacMan parties for her kid, a corporate lawyer, and she still manages to find time to be involved in her community.  Oh, and her stories about her oldest son remind me so much of my own Clownfish, minus two years or so, that reading her blog makes me feel all nostalgic.  Thank you for the award CM!

The rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. List seven things people may not know about you.
  3. Pass it on to 1 5 (or so) other bloggers.

Thinking of 7 things people don't know about me at this point... hmm.

1.  I have scuba dived with sharks.  Sure, the territorial 5 foot black tipped reef sharks you encounter occasionally, those that swim just far enough away to make their presence known, are one thing.  Nurse sharks never bothered anyone.  That's not what I mean.  No, I mean I dove in chummed waters off the coast of Fiji, 100 feet deep, serious man-eating sized bullsharks and tiger sharks swirling around just feet away, with my back to a coral reef for my "protection."  No cages or anything.  We had to make sure we weren't wearing anything white or light colored that could be mistaken for fish at depth.  Yeah. 

I have pictures, but none of them are electronically stored. If I ever scan them in, I'll be sure to post some. Or you can come over for some coffee and I'll let you flip through the albums while I tell you harrowing tales of getting "bumped" by a reef shark that came in to feed on the leftovers during my ascent.  

2. Umm...  that may be the only cool thing about me.  Really.  Maybe you should stop here, while you still think I'm a badass.  I don't know any foreign languages, I've never lived overseas, I can't play any musical instruments, I've never played a sport on a high school or college team, I've never bungee jumped or parachuted, I've never killed and skinned an animal with my bare hands, I've never done illegal drugs or run naked through a public place, I've never been arrested, I have no ink and I can't tap dance.  So... the rest of this list promises to be way less awesome.  Like this: I used to do a little theater, before I became randomly crippled by an inability to speak coherently in public. See? Less awesome.

3.  I bake a really pretty good homemade apple pie.  Oh, and chocolate chip cookies.

4.  Bullshark and I used to be big into camping, and we look forward to getting out there again once baby #3 is old enough.  I didn't grow up a "nature girl" -- I am absolutely a product of the suburbs, and I think, if given the choice, I would sooner live in Manhattan than northern Maine -- but I really do love hiking & camping.

Things I Did In College (a/k/a I guess maybe I used to be interesting in the 1990s):

5.  I met my husband while country line dancing.  I can still (probably) boot scoot boogie.

6.  I participated in two archaeology digs in the Bahamas.  One of my projects was to learn/replicate how the islanders made holes in the shell that they used for beads.  I couldn't find anything hard enough that was native to the island that would make the holes.  I tried, among other things, shark's teeth.  Never published the research because I never found the answer.  Frustrating.
Thing I did as a kid (a/k/a I guess maybe I used to be interesting the 1980s)

7.  I had incredible freedom as a kid, much more than I expect my own kids will have. Case in point:  I remember visiting family in Ireland when I was 9, and just heading off with my younger cousins to wander through the fields unsupervised, getting chased by mad cows with horns.  I remember visiting the Dublin city relatives and having the same experience -- meeting random kids from the block, heading over to play at the local school yard, and climbing the exterior of buildings and jumping off the roof. I just had to be back by dark.   

All right then... many of my favorite bloggers have already been nominated, but I feel as if SuzieJD could have fun with this... even though she's been blogging under one identity or another for ... well, since before 2006 anyway.


  1. Oh man. Sharks totally freak me out, I'm always convinced they're looking at me. I honestly can't imagine doing a dive like that and not freaking out (or at least burning through my O2 at three times the rate). That's super badass!

    Also, Ireland sounds amazing. Do you think you'll take your kids, too? How IS baby #3, by the way? How are you feeling?

    1. I have so many first cousins in Ireland who I know from the years that they lived in America (terrible economy in the '80s). We're FB friends... so in short, yeah, I really want to take the kids someday.

      Pregnancy continues to go normally

  2. Yay! You know, I think we all know ourselves so well that we assume anything about us is boring. I'm curious about your sudden inability to speak in public -- what happened?

    1. That's gonna have to be a post in itself... I dunno, I been comfortable speaking in public since I was a church lector beginning in second grade. It developed during law school.

  3. Great to learn more about you! Cool idea. :)