Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thoughts, of the disjointed variety

Went to an event at my law school last night and ran into some old friends... friends who last saw me two pregnancies, one Angelfish and about 40 pounds ago.  It was kind of awesome how floored they were about how good (they say) I look. It was also nice to be the old experienced preggo lady when two of them were pregnant with their first (one first tri, one second tri, and I'm third tri... we really should have gotten a picture.)

My blog is the only place I identify myself as "lawyer" first.  In real life, I hardly ever say "lawyer" at all.  I say I work for [Agency].  I think maybe the reason I identify myself as "lawyer" first on the blog is because, although I am proud that I earned my law degree and I really love my job, I don't "practice" in the traditional sense, and so I don't feel like a "lawyer" in real life.

I think I am motivated to clean and de-clutter today.  I think I'll get to work before I change my mind and realize it is too beautiful outside to spend the day inside.

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  1. Getting some nesting feelings finally? Or just spring cleaning? I know we might not all be in our dream jobs out of law school but it's pretty nice to be so far out from school and feel like there is real experience under our belt. When I go back to visit my law school, it amazes me how much I have grown since then and how much I freaked out in law school about stuff that never mattered as much as I thought :)