Monday, April 16, 2012

15 months

Angelfish, now, in Bullets of Awesomeness
  • She has started some animal impressions -- monkey, elephant (trunk wave!), wolf/howling dogs (ahh-ooooooh!).  If she doesn't know or remember, she does a roaring sound that is hilarious.
  • She can walk very very fast (or maybe my 39+ week pregnant belly is slowing me down).
  • She says 'what's that' and points.  
  • She hardly ever says mama/mommy or papa... but she says Clownfish all day long. 
  • She suddenly understands what hugs are and gives them freely (well, mostly to Clownfish).  But she'll play independently, and then suddenly come over and hug my legs, and go back to playing.  So that's something.  
  • She is very independent -- we go on walks around the block, and for a good bit of the walk, she'll charge ahead, refusing to hold hands or even look back to make sure we're still with her.  I've noticed several mommies referring to their daughters in the 15-24 month age range as honey badgers ... I totally see it -- she just don't give a shit.  
  • She shakes her tushie and dances to the ABC song played by our fridge magnet.
  • She is fascinated by the telephone -- she loves when I put my sister or mom on speaker.  She walks around house with a plastic cell phone chattering away.  She also has a plastic purse (a gift from a friend), and she carries it around with her phone like she's a big girl.
  • Whenever she is given a stuffed animal or baby doll, she puts it on her shoulder and pats its back and says "Hi Baby!"
  • She still signs "more" and "please," though "please" usually needs a reminder.
  • She still insists on having the same book read to her 15 times in a row, and its hard to distract her from it if that's what she wants. She happily anticipates the animal noise or movement or whatever that's coming on the next page.  I've noticed that she alternates from looking at the pages to looking at my lips ... maybe to see how I say the words? 
  • The tantrums... the oh my god so dramatic tantrums.  Just... wow.
  • Word most often spoken:  UP-EEE.    
  • She's a pretty good sleeper and decent napper, which I hope will continue in the coming weeks


    1. And soon she will be a big sister!!! I hope everything is going well and I bet you are getting so excited :)

      BTW- I LOVED your theme for the roundup- I loved the Monkees growing up. Peter was my favorite!

      1. Oh, yay! I thought I was the only one who watched that show!

        I think I loved Mike, and my sister loved Davy.

    2. I am so excited for you. Its so close now! I loved, loved, loved being a big sister!