Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adjusting: Angelfish

How are we doing since the arrival of Lionfish?  Let's start with the one I was most worried about -- Angelfish.

At first, she had a hard time understanding that mommy could not pick her UP-ee because mommy had a "boo boo."  But she has adjusted.  She's learned that she's allowed to climb all over my lap so long as I'm sitting on the floor, and she's been happy with that.

I really feel like she has grown up  and changed sooo much this week.  Its as if she suddenly understands so much more of what we're saying... or, she's understood all along, but has decided what we say is worth heeding more of the time.  She says Mama and Papa a LOT now, which is awesome.  Oh, and NO. Lots of NO these days.  Plus, there have been instances where she says words like "outside," but she doesn't say them consistently or clearly, so its hard to count them.

Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor, and she decided it would be fun to play with my hair.  She made mommy "pretty."  Then she came around and gave me a big kiss on the lips.  She has never given kisses without my asking.  It was mommy heaven.    

Overall, she has responded very well to the arrival of the "bay-bee."  When I'm holding Lionfish, she occasionally takes out a doll that she holds and pats and feeds and calls "bay-bee" and/or the baby's name.  She occasionally pats Lionfish and says "hi" to her and says her name, but otherwise ignores her.   This, I think, is the best case scenario with a 15 month old.


  1. Oh it's so great to hear that she's doing so well with it all. I can only hope Z is as good with Boo's arrival when we head home!

  2. That is definitely a best case scenario with a 15 month old! I adore my Clairebear, but there is no way she'd handle a baby intruder that well. I think she'd be bonking the baby on the head and trying to drag it out to the recycle bin or something... you know, dragging with love.

    Glad you guys are doing well :)