Monday, April 30, 2012

Adjusting: Parents

Oh my gawd, you guys.  Bringing home an infant post-cesarean is 1 million times harder when you have a 15 month old that you're not allowed to lift.  (The doctors did a great job putting the fear of death into me regarding that, and I've been really scrupulous about it.)  Angelfish sleeps and naps in a crib, and eats in a high chair.  Lifting is essential.  Fortunately, Bullshark took off work for the whole week last week.  He has always been an awesome Papa and partner, but this time, he really out did himself.  I really could not have made it through the week without him.

Lionfish is (so far) a pretty typical newborn.  She still has her days and nights mixed up.  During the day, she cries when she's hungry and when she needs a burp.  Otherwise, she sleeps.  At night, its like she's at Mardi Gras -- she's wide awake, she wants to dance, and she constantly wants access to my boobs.  

Last week, Bullshark took a shift holding her between 9ish and midnight so I could get a block of uninterrupted sleep.  Then I took the overnight with Lionfish, and Bullshark responded to Angelfish if she woke during the night.  (Angelfish typically wakes once, and goes right back to sleep if you give her two-three ounces of water.)

Bullshark is back at work today, so my mom came up last night.  We'll see how the next few days go. Last night, I visited with mom during my sleep window so... yeah... today I'ma gonna nap.

I've had some discomfort and recovery seems slower this time.  Actually, its probably not.  We brought home Angelfish in the middle of one of the worst winters ever -- we were stuck inside for weeks, really, so I didn't feel any rush to be able to get outside and take walks or run errands or go to the park.  This time, its spring... a really lovely spring, and I have errands I want to run and a burning desire to be outside.  I've been pushing pretty hard to get out every day, so discomfort is probably inevitable.  Also, this "no driving" thing sucks.

Ok... Grandma is taking Angelfish for a walk, baby is fed, and I'm gonna nap if I can.


  1. Like Mardi Gras... LOL. Take lots of naps while you can! Is your mom staying for a while? I hope you can enlist family, friends, neighbors, whoever to get you through the next few months!

  2. I hope you get to catch up on your naps! When my mom left and my husband went back to work that was the hardest for me, so sleep every chance you get! Ryan used to be perfect during the night- only waking every three hours then sleeping again. Now he's awake every 1.5 hours and wants to eat- UGH! Growth spurt?

    I can't imagine having a 15 month old and not being able to lift her- you are doing so well!

    As for driving, I was told not to drive for two weeks. I started driving after 6 days. I needed to get out of the house ALONE even to just go to the grocery store :)