Monday, April 02, 2012


Pregnancy with Angelfish, I had a scare that required an immediate ultrasound.  Too much fluid was suspected.  In the end, all was well. 

On Thursday, the nurse midwife suspected that I had too little fluid, but they couldn't do the ultrasound til today.  Again, something to do with my belly measurements being off. Ultrasound tech says everything looks fine... but for various reasons, I am far from reassured this time.  I'll talk to the doc on Wednesday at my appointment.

One thing that came out of this visit though is that this baby is going to be B-I-G.  She's already bigger than Angelfish was at term.  


  1. I'm so glad everything looks good. They did that to me too. They thought I had too much fluid but on a second US, it turned out not to be so. USs are NOT 100% accurate. It pisses me off that my Dr. has given me so many scares for no reason. It's almost ridiculous. Anyway, hope your Dr. confirms that all is well :)

  2. One of the reasons they induced Pea (other than my stratospheric, weird preeclampsia) was low fluid. (I was already in the hospital on bedrest when that happened and SO BORED that, selfishly, I was like, YES! Let's DO this thing!)

    Hoping you have a much more mundane experience!