Sunday, April 15, 2012

MILP #248: The Monkees

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis among several blogs.  Next week is Ptlawmom.  We aim for Sunday posts.

All right, ladies.  I'm going for another music theme.  Growing up, I watched reruns of the Monkees television show. I bought the "Then and Now" cassette when it came out in ... (quick Wikipedia search) ... 1986 (holy shit!! really??) and played it incessantly.  Since Davy Jones died, I figured the time had come to try this theme.  So here's a theme based on the titles of songs off that album.  There's some doubling up here...

  • Daydream Believer. Wild Northwest Litigator welcomes Baby Ryan!!
  • Pleasant Valley SundayLag Liv and Atty Work Product on Easter fun-times and cuteness.
  • A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit YouIzzie feels like she's been pregnant for over two years, and thanks to nursing, her body hasn't been her own in a loong time.  Yeah... 
  • Sometime In The MorningK Marks the Spot ... 2:00ish in the morning, actually.
  • The Girl I Knew Somewhere. But I do have a law degree... and the voice of the SAHM.
  • You Just May Be The OneAnd you know what else has found a new BFF.
  • What Am I Doing Hangin’ RoundGoogie wants out of the legal profession.
  • I’m A BelieverKate thinks believers deserve respect; Reluctant Grownup enjoyed Holy Week
  • WordsAlice and Dinei on toddlerspeak.
  • Goin’ Down. Atty at Large takes on sinus infections... and jackasses.
  • Listen To The Band. (but don't illegally download the songs or images for profit), amiright Legally Ceritfiable? (I am.)
  • That Was Then, This Is NowButterflyfish on possibly losing her job.* 
  • She. Mommy Madness, feminism and cuteness. 
  • Anytime, Anyplace, AnywhereJuliet & the contagious disease central that is daycare.
  • Take a Giant Step. Welcome pregnant fledgling lawyer, You Will Have a Bright Future (we need a shorter name!) to the roundup, who is taking a giant step into mommyhood of a boy. 

Bummed I couldn't work in Last Train to Clarksville cuz its been stuck in my head ever since I started this roundup.

* (I never include myself, but it totally fit)

The regular hostesses of the MILP Roundup, currently, are:  Butterflyfish, Ptlawmom, Attorney Work Product, Attorney at Large, Kate (Today & Tomorrow), Magic Cookie (CM), and Reluctant Grownup.  Check here each week and I'll direct you to the post. Pinky promise!!

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  1. Just realized I've been added to the MILP circle. Yay and thank you! I feel obligated to post more about the intersection of momdom and law now...hmmm...