Friday, January 25, 2013


The Simpson's kids' response to Blocko-land pretty much captures my feelings on my career path right now...

The people are nice. The work is varied, if not particularly stimulating. The hours are reasonable. The pay is okay... I mean, its awful after daycare is factored in, but in an objective sense, it is fair. The commute is awful. Awful awful. Times 12. But I can't leave any earlier -- daycare/school hours are what they are, and its unreasonable to wake the babies any earlier than I already do anyway -- and I can't leave any later because I would arrive late(r than I do already). So, that's beyond my control at this point and it does me no good to sweat it. I was promised during my interview that I would get to do a particular aspect of the job that I would really enjoy; that opportunity has yet to materialize, and probably won't anytime soon, which is a real bummer. But things change, I guess. So... meh.

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  1. Work is such a big part of life. So, meh multiplies. So sorry.

    It's Friday and the weekend? Hope it's a good one.