Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moments that I love my job

Part of my job involves reading appellate briefs. Lots of them. Every now and then, someone, often a self-represented party, manages to make my day a little brighter by writing something that makes me sit up and take notice. By "take notice," of course, I mean, making me question my reading comprehension skills, scratch my head, and declare ... wait, what?

Today's entry was mind-bogglingly awesome.

I read a case in which a party defended against an eviction proceeding by, among other things, declaring himself to be a vessel under admiralty law and not subject to the jurisdiction of the court. He also submitted an affidavit, which the court "had to accept as true, there being no evidence to the contrary" in which he attested, among other things, that the opposing law firm does not exist, that opposing counsel does not exist, and that he and the trial court judge are in privity.

It was a well-written exercise in surrealism, and I appreciated it.


  1. That is freaking AWESOME!!!! LOL!!! Opposing counsel does not exist, ha ha ha!!

  2. Ah! I love the admiralty nutters. They regularly object to the jurisdiction of the criminal courts here. You can just hear the judge dying a little inside.

  3. "Admiralty nutters"... you mean there's more than one of them? Is this one of those jailhouse lawyer things, where word has spread that if you declare yourself a vessel under admiralty law, they can't do anything to you? Why not go a step farther. I. AM. A. ROBOT. I. WAS. PROGRAMMED. TO. STEAL. THAT. CAR.