Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I Need, which have yet to be invented

In no particular order...

A search engine ... for my house.

A hovercraft option in my car, for escaping traffic jams.

A camera, preferably with video/audio, attached directly to my head, so I can capture the awesome moments with my kids that I see, but that end before I can grab my camera, and which cannot be replicated.

A device that cuts kids' fingernails perfectly & painlessly and alerts me before their nails reach talon status.


  1. I say yes to all except the hover car because once they invent that the roads will be the safest place to be with all the crazies in the air! :P

    1. Izzie, that's fine. Everyone else gets a hovercar and gets the hell outta my way. I'm easygoing like that.