Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brr ... it's cold in here. There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere.

The Blizzard broke all sorts of records in these parts.  We've been housebound since Friday. We had a glorious sunny Sunday spent outside in the snow. They finally plowed out an emergency travel lane on our street late yesterday, but the weather has been all freezy rainy awful, so we were cooped up inside yesterday. Well, except Bullshark, who braved the barely plowed streets to replenish our supply of eggs, butter and chocolate chips. You know, the essentials.
School/daycare closed again and I'm home today. If they're closed again tomorrow, Bullshark will take off.   Right now, I am waiting to get a text from him saying he arrived at his school safely. Today will also be freezy rainy and awful, which means I'll be housebound alone with the kids. We never even got to build a snowman.
But! We'll make chocolate chip cookies.
AF, the toddler, will use her kitchen to make me coffee and to make food for her dinosaurs. She'll hug them and declare T-Rex has "tiny arms" in this little tiny voice that she does, with her elbows pulled up under her shoulders, simulating T-Rex arms. 
LF, the baby, will continue to amaze me by bearcrawling and attempting to stand by holding furniture. She will play contentedly until she sees me, and then will crawl like lightening to sit on my lap and, will turn hit me with in the face, smiling "THAT's my mommy! Let me give her a black eye!"
CF will probably finish reading his first Harry Potter book, and will probably log a little time on his DS gaming system and I'll get to hear about his latest Pokemon captures.
I might actually get some laundry done.
All in all, not bad for a blizzard.


  1. CF is reading Harry Potter? Dude, wasn't he a toddler five minutes ago!?! Where has the time gone? Anyway, love reading these updates about your little school of fish and... chocolate chip cookies!!! Yum.

  2. I know, right?!? (Thanks!)

    I overestimated his progress -- he's a little more than halfway through Sorcerer's Stone. I thought he was closer to the end :)