Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vague Goals status conference

Vague Goals for 2013, as outlined here.

Haven't done much different on the "taking better care of myself physically" front, except I usually remember to take my vitamin D, which is something.  Now that I have acquired two whole sick days, I should make some doctor appointments.

Weight: I gained maybe 3-5, and then lost 3-5 pounds ... so I'd say I am about the same was at the start of January. It varies, but it is definitely not steadily climbing, which is good. 

Movement. I wear my sneakers to/from work and keep shoes at the office now. I'm getting out to walk at lunch and have taken to jogging between my car and the building in the morning (its a solid 60 second jog, which for me and my asthmatic lungs in winter, is no mean feat.)

Practice self-compassion. Step 1: Go on Amazon and order that book Magic Cookie told me about. Well, it is on my Wishlist anyway.

Get the kids outside more. Yes! Been to the zoo three times since January 1, despite the blizzard, and on a few walks and such.

I've done some work on my family tree.  Not really on my self-improvement list, but something else I've wanted to do for a while. 

Career, finances, kitchen... status quo and/or going downhill.  Oh, well, I did do our taxes, and we don't owe this year. This is a good in the finances column, I guess.

Added to the list of vague goals -- get someone to loan me Downton Abbey so I can finally watch it.

Ok, status conference adjourned. As you were.


  1. John and I got huge old people vitamin containers (daily and AM/PM slots). We were wary but they have been the BEST investment. It is very easy to track whether we have taken our vitamins.

  2. I own the book now... thanks, friend!