Friday, March 15, 2013

Angelfish, age 2 (+ 2 mos) (with pic)

And suddenly, she's talking. Full sentences.

(Pic gone)

Her: "I would like spaghetti and meatballs peease."
Me: Here's your "sketty" (my mom's baby word for spaghetti that I don't think I've ever used ever, but I guess she's on my mind...)
Her: That how grandma says it!

Wait, what? Grandma last cooked for her months ago. Wait... what?

One day this week she came home, walked into her room, took off the black Crocs she was wearing, declared "these my Crocs" and put them on her shoe rack. She seemed very pleased and proud. Only problem is, we don't own any Crocs. She left wearing pink canvas sneaker-type shoes.  Bullshark had no idea ... he just picked her up, it didn't occur to him to look at her feet and wonder about the odd choice in winter footwear.  The mystery was solved the next morning when we discovered her shoes shoved in the "extra clothes" cubby at the daycare, where she had apparently gone shoe shopping when everyone was busy getting coats, etc. packed up. She didn't even pitch a fit when we "traded" the Crocs back. She's a pretty good kid like that. Or, you know, she started eyeing the blue sneakers in the cubby and is just waiting for her next opportunity to show swap. Either way, I'm good.

She loves her books and her dinosaurs and her owls and big trucks and birdies and doggies and front end loaders and ... gah, she just talks nonstop. And it is so fun. She has a few cartoons she gets to watch occasionally (WonderPets, Timmy Time and Thomas). Her biggest, most dramatic toddler tantrums arise when television time is over. Then again, she only ever gets to watch when she's tired/cranky in the first place.

She begs for Laurie Berkner cds constantly. I don't have one in the car, so she treats me like an iPod -- We are the Dinosaurs! Now Balloons! Now Lady bug song! Now Goldfish! And we sing all the way to school together. Do I avoid having a cd in the car just so we can have these morning sing alongs?  Yes. Yes I do.

She started to role play with her toys -- one train hurt the other one, then it said sorry. Once I saw, I prompted her with some more interactions. Cute, short-lived little tableau. And I suddenly, vividly remembered this moment with Clownfish and his toys. Could it really be that the little 2 year old boy from that post is now eight? And starting lacrosse tomorrow?


  1. OMG, can't stop laughing about her going shoe shopping at daycare. I think I'm going to take her with me the next time I need to go shopping.

  2. That's funny! Baby J. is so stuck on We are the Dinosaurs. "March, Mommy, march!!!" LOL. Love this age. :)