Friday, March 01, 2013

She's up! (A quickie baby update)

As of February 3 or so, Lionfish was full on crawling. By February 8, she could do the straight-legged bear crawl like a boss. In the last 10 days or so, she has gone from "I can totally crawl" to "I can totally pull myself up on furniture at will." Pretty soon, she'll be cruising. She's 10.5 months. I am in trouble.

She loves all food & she loves feeding herself. She's still dairy sensitive. I tried yogurt on her this week. They invented the word shitstorm for the result of that little experiment. Unrelated, she developed a also had an  allergic reaction (all over rash) to something she ate one night at dinner. Too many new things to be able tell what it was, but it hasn't recurred to date so ....

At this age, AF would pop her thumb in her mouth, turn onto her belly and head off to sleep.  LF requires a bottle to sleep, which is just bad parenting, but I'm working on cutting myself some slack so please don't chew me out in the comments. (Actually, none of my regular readers ever would... so I probably should delete that, but random internet cruisers might, and I'm feeling defensive, so I'm gonna leave it). Anyway, we're working on it.

Here's a recent daycare pic, which will disappear from the blog at some point.


  1. So cute! Love the hair.

    I am fearful of having a mobile baby... hope his big head weighs him down from crawling too quickly.

    1. My son's big head totally did. Also, his baby obesity. He was like Jabba the Baby. Not sure he ever actually crawled... more like rolled until he got to the pull up on furniture stage.

  2. She is so adorable! I keep forgetting our babies are so close in age. Don't feel bad about the bottle thing. My first needed one. All kids are just different, I say let the babies be babies! :)

  3. Look at all that HAIR! What a cutie.

  4. Love that look of baby concentration.

  5. So much hair! Soooo cute!! (I'm so glad I caught this - always miss the cute blog ones and apparently I am the only overly prolific kid picture poster on FB, hahaha.)