Monday, April 01, 2013

A year later

I found this in my draft folder -- a post chronicling a Saturday in April, right before Easter last year. I was very pregnant. I never published it because it was unfinished. Here it is...

The letter 'f' key on my keyboard is sticking.

Angelfish is eating cheerios, egg, oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast. We have her 15 month checkup this morning.  She's getting sooo big.  Yesterday, she walked around house with a toy cell phone chattering away.  She also tried to pick up my purse, and walked toward the front door waving and saying "Bye."

She's started some animal impressions -- monkey, elephant (trunk wave!), wolf/howling dogs.

Clownfish is playing with Ninjago toys after a cereal breakfast.  Yesterday, Bullshark took him out to the range where he hit a bullseye a few times with his BB gun (at 15 and 30 feet).  He's very proud of himself.

Cleaned and shopped all day. Just dyed eggs with Clownfish.  My back hurts like whoa... but we still have to prep the food for tomorrow.

That's it. All I wrote that Saturday in April 2012. One year later and ....

The letter 'f' key on my keyboard no longer sticks. 'K' has been giving me trouble of late, however. This laptop is from when I started law school in 2006. Its as old as the blog. I have two kids older than this laptop. Whoa. 

That's still a pretty typical weekend breakfast for AF, though she usually doesn't like the oatmeal so much lately. And now, its also typical for Lionfish.

AF can do all sorts of animal impressions now. And knows her body parts, even more obscure ones like eyebrows and elbows. My sister asked her on Easter Sunday where her tushie was, and she declared "I sitting on it!"

We sort of got too busy prepping for Easter to dye eggs this year.  CF didn't notice (or did notice but was too busy enjoying candy to say anything) and AF and LF don't know better. Ooops. Parent fail.

CF doesn't play Ninjago so much anymore. Pokemon cards, however, have taken over our lives. As my Irish cousin observed -- "Once they've invaded you can't get rid of the feckers. You think you've drowned the fire ones, but don't the water ones come and rescue them. "

And now the baby ... is not so much a baby. Lionfish makes a sound that sounds very much like "HI!" when you walk into a room. She still bearcrawls like a boss... neither of my other kids was a bearcrawler, or left the phase very quickly. She's gonna have mad shoulders and triceps, yo. Other babies better step off.  She'll clap her hands when you say "clap hands!" Sometimes.

Lionfish is cruising and occasionally forgets that she wants to hold on to the furniture. And she lets go and stands for a second and smiles, so proud. And I want to hold on to these last baby days, but like her, I find myself forgetting and looking forward to watching her chase her sister across the lawn . . . .


  1. What a huge difference a year makes! An entire baby

    We didn't get around to doing eggs last year, my kid didn't even notice!

  2. We dyed on Easter Sunday, because we didn't get around to it beforehand either. I think this is a common problem. ;)