Saturday, July 06, 2013

CSA #3 and #4: Every day I'm pickling

I have made two batches of pickled radishes in the refrigerator AND a batch of beet brownies. Recipes, for what they're worth, will follow.
We've eaten summer squash grilled spears and summer squash sliced thin (I heart my mandolin, which I have had since my birthday and have rarely used before now) and sauteed with olive oil and garlic.
We've tried fava beans with mixed reviews (needed liver and a nice Chianti) (anyone?)
We've had Nappa cabbage raw in salad (erm...) and wilted in a sautee pan (better!)
They had a total fail on the spinach crop, but they gave us some nice artisanal cheese to make up for it (Bullshark used it to make fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids).
We've mixed whatever salad lettuce we received from the CSA with a few leaves of Romaine lettuce from our garden.  Nothing else in our garden can be harvested yet.
We've had sugar snap peas (thought for sure they'd go over better with the girls, oh well).
We have some cherries sitting in the fridge and got a few hot house tomatoes.
We have a ton of basil -- I need to harvest some today during nap time and make and freeze some pesto. You know, instead of blogging, which is what I'm actually doing. Sigh. Ok. Fine. Basil harvest in the heat. More later.

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