Tuesday, July 09, 2013

CSA Week #5

In the basket. In my fridge. 

Bok Choi 
1 pt Blueberries 

Cucumbers, grilled chicken, and tomato chopped salad for dinner Wednesday. 
Plan to grill squash on Friday and serve with chicken and rice.

Hell if I know what I'm going to do with bok choi and cabbage before this weekend. Or over this weekend. 

Ideas welcome.


  1. I love bok choi - v. simple. Heat a splash of peanut oil in a skillet on med-low. Throw in minced garlic and ginger - keep the heat low so they don't burn, cook around for a minute or so. Then toss in chopped bok choi (I roughly chop it, big chunks) and stir around til slightly wilted but still crisp - maybe 4 minutes? Pull off heat, and season with soy sauce. It's great as a side dish to pork chops. In fact, in a sort of asian-southern-fusion bit of craziness, I love the meal of cheese grits, pan-fried pork chops, and bok choi.

    As for cabbage, I would make a cole slaw. I love a good sausage/apples/cabbage stewed up kind of meal, but not in the winter.

  2. Or rather, only in the winter. That kind of dish is a bit hot for the current weather, so cole slaw seems like a better choice.