Sunday, July 07, 2013

The short, short version

It's hot. Africa hot. Tarzan never had this kind of hot.
We have no air conditioning.
Bullshark is gone. I am on my own for a week. Solo working parent with insufficient accrued vacation time and three kids in the summer wheee.
Angry Lionfish (tiny toddler tyrant) is, well, angry a lot. Especially around midnight. And 2ish. So sleep, I has none.
I have gained back about 10 pounds since March.
My mom is coming for two days to "help." Let's say this does nothing to bring my anxiety levels down and leave it there. And yet, after the year we've had, I am grateful she is still around to steamroll over my boundaries and completely ignore my valid child safety concerns.
Its 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, and  I am still cooking proteins for the week. I have not started on lunches. I haven't done the dishes yet. I've done everyone's laundry but my own.
Not feeling too badly in this moment, considering. Bullshark did a lot to help me get our house in order, but there is still a lot for me to do right now (stupid stuff like taking out the garbage and watering the garden and cutting cucumbers for the kids' lunches and washing bottles and sippy cups, and less stupid stuff like dealing with Clownfish's omg new people camp anxiety attack) that has me feeling a little overwhelmed.
I know, one thing at a time, get some sleep, and get it done.
I will.
I always do.
Just sometimes ... well, this is me venting a little.

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  1. You're doing a GREAT job! Seriously, I'm amazed. Also, don't worry too much if the lawn doesn't get watered or your kids have to drink out of dirty sippy cups. I folded two loads of kid laundry yesterday in FIVE minutes- I grouped the pants and shirts and shoved them in the proper drawers. None of the socks match. That's my short cut for hectic days. Feel free to take shortcuts if they keep you sane!

    Hang in there and just know that you are fantastic!