Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

My  vague goals for 2013, from my January post:

  • Take better care of myself physically:  take my vitamins, get a primary care physician and make an appointment, get to the dentist, get a regular schedule that includes time for physical activity for me, maybe run a 5k in under an hour (slight exaggeration... slight), sleep.
Been pretty good with the vitamins, saw a primary care doctor and o/b, have some appointments scheduled (dentist, & eye doctor & the "almost 40" boob scan), and ran/walked/slogged though a 5K in under an hour (haven't run since), slept better a lot of the year. Finally got an asthma inhaler so I can run more.
 Did not make time for regular exercise, and despite the preceding paragraph, I can't say I feel better now than I did this time last year.
  • Maybe lose 20 more pounds? Or not regain any of the 60? Either would be satisfactory, really.
Did really well til about April. Then gained 20 pounds. Unsatisfactory.
  • Practice self-compassion. Hat tip Magic Cookie.
Practice does not make perfect.
  • Career: have an answer to the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years" that I like.
Still working on that one. There are a few jobs, that, should they become available, I would jump at the chance to do, and would apply. But twiddling my thumbs and waiting for people to retire doesn't feel like a proactive career strategy. 
  • Get our financial house in order. 
Ummm... no.
  • Get the kids outside more. It is only January, I know, but I feel a little stir crazy already. 
We were really good with this one. We did a weekly activity through the state park service all through the Spring. Bullshark took to running 5Ks with Clownfish, and we usually hit a playground with the girls afterwards (5Ks start/end near schools or parks a lot of the time). We went fruit picking multiple times, and did weekly visits to the farm for our CSA pickups.

* * *
A lot of 2013 was just about the kids. LF went from just barely crawling in January to being a running, jumping, climbing, dancing child by December. AF went from a toddler with an independent streak to a pre-schooler who leads her classmates in various games and adventures. CF took up running, trumpet, travel soccer, and read Harry Potter.

The second thing I think of when I look back on 2013 is my commute. My commute (plus the 'you must sign in by 8:30 or you're working late or getting docked vacation time' culture) is soul-destroying. I never make it. Ever. So I work late or burn time nearly every day. Except. When the husband and kids are on school break and I work 7:30 to 4, its like a different life. There is almost no traffic at that hour. It takes 40 minutes, not 90, one-way on a typical day. I almost don't even resent leaving for work, knowing they're home and doing fun things, because I'll be home soon enough to enjoy them too. Arriving home around 4:45 and not after 6:30? All. The. Difference.  But it can only happen when Bullshark is out of school (and not on deployment). Moving to part-time (if they'd even let me) (part time is arriving at 9 and leaving at 4 -- 32.5 hours), could do it, but with the cost of daycare and the car payment, the decrease in pay really makes contemplating such a move an exercise in frustration and futility.

The third thing that consumed the year was parental health issues. Grateful to still have my parents around, but it is so so hard watching their bodies betray them. Its even worse that they handle their issues with a level of sanity, emotional maturity, and reason you'd expect from a pair of bats trapped in a paper bag.

Finally, I learned how to cook a whole lot of new/different things, especially vegetables, thanks in large part to the CSA, Alton Brown, and internet recipes.

2014 Vague Goals, maybe over the weekend.

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  1. The 7:30 to 4 schedule really is what dreams are made of isn't it? I could never have done it in Austin when JP had his own commute that made him have to leave even earlier, but I can do it here and it is amazing. Does your work have any work from home options? Like one day a week? Could you possibly swing part-time in a year (or some other time in the future, maybe when you're closer to only one in daycare, which would also mean you're close to none!), which would give you something to at least countdown to schedule-wise? Regardless, I'm glad the kids are doing so awesome (I can't wait till L can read Harry Potter, JP won't read it and I need someone to share the glory of it with) and I hope you have an excellent 2014!